Studio Change/Ballard

The building that my studio is in and that I've been at for nearly 10 years just recently was purchased by a developer. The last month for me, has been a scramble to find and pull the trigger on a new space. I found one in Ballard and look forward to seeing it shape up and come together. Along the way I'll post developments and progress, but posts could be far and few between; lots to do, a show to finish, as well as a couple more commissions. Here is a start to me re-painting some of the space white, have been debating whether to paint the window areas white of leave them this odd color. I'll let it come to me.

Underworld - Parc.mp3


Juan Alonso said…
Best of luck with the new space, Harold. I know moving is a pain, especially with a lot to do ahead, but think of it as new possibilities.
Thanks Juan, I'm trying to look at it that way as well!
Chris said…
good luck, paint that wall!
kenk said…
Congrats Harold! Does this mean we're studio neighbors now? Good to have a kindred spirit in the area. Not so sure I'd repaint that wall just yet...looks like a color I'm trying to get a handle on lately.
are you in the Ballard Work Lofts as well?
Steven LaRose said…
Yeesh. Paint the wall.

Too bad about the move. That old place was charming. But, its always good to mix things up.