First graphic layer applied late through the night on the painting for Nordstrom, so far all things working for me and all hooks in place.
Been listening to some old punk music that holds memories of my youth while I work. One of the bands that has come to be on rotation quite a bit was a band from Sacramento in the early 1980's called Tales Of Terror. My thinking about them came about due to the new Mudhoney release titled The Lucky Ones. They do a song on the record titled Tales Of Terror, in which the structure of the song is like that of a song by said band. Well once I heard that, it was on. I saw Tales Of Terror when they played here in Seattle back in early 1984 and it was a stunning show, and it was in tune with others as well that night, and still effects things to this day.

Tales Of Terror - Tales Of Terror.mp3

Mudhoney - Tales Of Terror.mp3

Mudhoney play tonight in the KEXP parking lot as part of a free benefit show, just as an FYI...


Sean said…
Kurt Cobain listed "Chambers of Horror" by Tales of Terror as one of his 50 favorite songs.
tackad said…
way kool !!!
Mr Tume said…
Hey Guvnor,
Usually can't log into your blog because they block it here in China. Must have been those nasty porn shots you posted last time. Am in Thailand so thought i'd check on you, What a shame you had to move studios.
Anyway, do you think you can make it in Sept,would be approx 2 to 3 weeks. the guy is starting to sound serious. I'll still be there so will be able to pimp you out.
New stuff Looks great. Studio looks even greater. Looks like an amusement park to me. anyways love for you to check out my latest and lemme know what you think.

Cecil Touchon said…
looks great Harold!