Expansion LA

Just got home from a quick blast down for a night and back in Los Angeles for a show I was included in at Fresh Paint Art. Had a wonderful evening at the gallery, met a wonderful sculptor that Steve LaRose had informed me of, Lee Pratt. Lee's work is line made three dimensional, clean, direct and well plotted. He and his artist wife Suzanne Pratt were fun to converse with and make observations of the surroundings that night. They were nice enough to include me in their dinner plans and took me to Chinois, in Santa Monica. The food and their friends were a blast to drink and dine with! I feel I have new friends in Los Angeles.

Another wonderful painter in the show who had a strong piece was artist Chase Langford, whose sense of arrangement and application of paint, is most certainly matched with his feel for color and technique. I really look forward to seeing more artwork of his and getting to know him better as well.

I look forward to coming back and spending more time in Los Angeles, it was a wonderful hit and run!

X - Los Angeles.mp3