With the dawn, young girls go picking roses. A whisper of wisdom breathes over the valleys and the capitals, stirring the intellect of the most ardent poets, strewing safekeeping to cradles, crowns to youth and old men an intimation of immortality.

Poésies - Lautréamont


tackad said…
Nice body of work, dude !
Does that mean you'll be showing in the Scopa Fair ??
Your studio is fantabulous.
Steven LaRose said…
Or is this the card piece?

Handsome set Hbomb.

I just noticed that your pulling of the squeege is always perpendicular to the edge. It gives the distorted balls of yore some grid to tether too. The cream-cicle palette is almost tartan. Which is wonderful because one could argue it is the most "organic" element of the paintings. The duality is well executed. Duality between elements, and within them. The black projections are illustrative and tight, and yet psychedelic and loose. I could go on and on but I also noticed that you posted this at (gasp) 3:19 in the AM and I suspect you are wet dreaming now.
tackad - Thanks for your enthusiasm for the work! The term Scopa is a long one but in short, I use it to round up, or put a term to something I can't think fits any better, but no, not showing at Scopa Fair.
Steve - Thanks man, your words always make me smile in the way one does when they feel like they hit the right notes playing a song, glad you are there to play! Whiting came by the studio last night just as an FYI...
Chris Rywalt said…
Looks like a great show. Here's to its going better than could be hoped!