Bright Spots in The Field

In the process of varnishing, prepping and preparing all the artwork here in the studio for shipping to Circa Gallery in Minneapolis MN. The varnish I use on the work is a matte varnish from Daniel Smith that I've used for over ten years. I like the finish it provides the work, making the surface one unified field and flattening out bright or uneven brush marks. During the process I find often the varnish will not always dry evenly, which can be problematic when I'm hurrying, as I can miss bright spots or dull spots that need touch up.
I've been in discussion with Circa on the topic of the card image for the show, and I'm thinking a studio in process photo would be a nice alternate to the common image of a one painting image. I think my new studio makes a nice scale reference with a sense of the whole process, location, and dynamic of the work. Its something I think places the work in context and I've always enjoyed it when I see something of the kind in other artists invites, or adverts in publications.

The Sea And Cake - Fuller Moon.mp3


Steven LaRose said…
Are you having to tarp your floor?

I vote for a studio shot myself.