Nordstrom Pittsburgh

Richard Hutter sent me some photos from his visit to Pittsburgh one of which was a shot he took of my painting I did for Nordstrom and the new store that they opened there. It's always nice to see how the work looks installed, and in this case nice to see one of the paintings that was a favorite of mine to make. Thank you Richard for snapping the picture, I really appreciate it!


Chase Langford said…
Your work is masterful! I just want them to get rid of that sofa or replace it with a low back sofa. This is a great painting along with all of them in Minneapolis.
tackad said…
Sweet !
Lisa said…
Really sharp! Looks great!
merelythemoon said…
I've been in Pittsburgh a lot lately, I'll have to look around for this bad boy I'm in western PA.
Also, I wanted to tell you that I'm going to be in Seattle again in January.
Let's see eachother in 2009, also!

How is life, Harold?
Steven LaRose said…
I don't know. There is something wonderful about the sterile couch (that looks as if the legs are on the wrong plane) flanked by the two chairs? garbage cans? They make a triptych that compliments the painting nicely. . . even if slightly uncomfortably.

I find the three panels inspiring. I will definitely be copping that move in the near future.

We are making plans for a post Christmas drive to the Emerald City. I'll check with the boss to see if I'll have time for a (new) studio visit.
gary indianapolis said…
freAking Kool H-bomm...

Richard Hutter---
University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, Wisconsin
B.S. Art 1987, magna cum laude, concentration in Printmaking
THIS IS RAD --- i dunno i'm on this education kick lately - i mean i have probabaly a toatal of 400 undergrsad crdits to my name, but i think appraoching 40 yrs Jung, i'm all about the promotion of dotEdu stuffish.

today is happy Go 2 Bed Day over at the site which brought HH and i together. u thunk i kin git a %10 diskount at the Nordstrom family storee (falling waters) if i say i have seen a HH Hairless body of work?