Blues Inflicted Hope


Rode the bus into Seattle this evening and shared a wonderful conversation with Degenerate Art Ensemble's own Haruko Nishimura. She has been doing, what looks like, surprise Bhuto performances around Seattle. I for one would enjoy running accidentally into one of the performances, but I get the impression they are surprise events. Her blog shows some of the wonderful images she has been creating with a photographer here...
We talked about blog traffic, how to generate it and create mass, it was a nice reminder that I've lagged on posting thoughts, and encounters. They are important, and I've been off my game a bit. It's nice to be reminded of that, so thank you for the conversation Haruko!
Monday I ran into art dealer Greg Kucera at La Carta De Ozxaca here in Ballard and found out from him that tortilla shells, when warm, are even more enjoyable when you take butter and spread it inside the shell. Simple things do make for delicious...

Richard Swift - Would You.mp3


Glad you like that song!