COCA - Memory Upgrade

This coming Thursday I'll be part of a show curated by artist Juan Alonso, for COCA [Center On Contemporary Art] upcoming Annual - Memory Upgrade.

Here is the press release statement on the upcoming show...

Memory Upgrade
From December 2, 2010 - January 1, 2011, CoCA Pioneer Square will present Memory Upgrade, a juried exhibition featuring work from 16 emerging as well as established artists in a wide variety of visual media, including 2d, 3d, and video.

This show explores the ways in which artists have responded to the global financial crisis by changing various aspects of their work. Considered collectively, these artists hint at the heightened importance of memory, history, and the role of the artist to affect social change.

Minh Carrico
David French
Douglas Gast
Sarah Gilbert
Harold Hollingsworth
Phillip Hua
Alma Leiva
Nia Michaels
Nate Orton
Scott Schuldt
Patti Shaw
Garric Simonsen
Tereza Swanda
Jillian Vento


Good to meet you today. Thanks for participating, and thanks for linking to the rest of the finalists!