oil and acrylic on canvas panels - 96"x72" - 2010


Some of the music below has been on heavy rotation during the making of this and much of the forthcoming paintings, hope you enjoy a few of the tracks, things are rolling along smoothly here in the studio, fingers crossed that it will continue. Some big works and combinations are brewing, look forward to sharing what is brewing...

Pavement - So Stark [You're A Skyscraper].mp3

Veronica Lake - In The Clouds.mp3

Beach House - Norway.mp3

Stereolab - Seeperbold.mp3

Boyracer - Roubideaux.mp3

Nina Simone - Ain't Got No, I Got Life [Groovefinder Remix].mp3

Allo Darlin" - Heartbeat Chilli.mp3



Cecil Touchon said…
I really like these circular works. very fine.
Cecil Touchon