Michael Light | Blue Sky Gallery

Earth’s Largest Excavation, 2.5 Miles Wide and .5 Mile Deep, Looking West," photograph by Michael Light

Recently I was in Portland for the monthly gallery walk, and was struck by a show at Blue Sky Gallery by Michael Light. His work captures our industrial patterns from above in photographs, from the beginnings of residential layouts of track homes in Arizona, to the image you see above of a freeway over/underpass complex, in a very haunting and beautiful way. I saw this show now a couple of weeks ago with artist Brian Cypher, and we both came away from it moved. I have for sometime been taking photos from up high, using a tilt shift program in my camera to shrink the landscape I see around me. Michael Light does this as well, simply and with no effects, again reminding us that sometimes finding, seeing and capturing are all one needs to garner a powerful image.