a studio detail of some work in progress here in the studio...
I had a wonderful visit today at the studio from Claudia Hollander-Lucas and her wonderful junior class of painters at Cornish College of the Arts today. I picked up some Top Pot donuts and showed the studio, it's ingredients, and answered best I could the wonderful questions they had for me. A great question was raised in regard to artist's statements, and how I deal with them? I said I treat artist statements with a skip in a flowing thought. I often find that a poem or a line from a favorite philosopher usually fits better to what I'm doing than anything I could say about the moves being made in the studio.
Someone asked how I deal with hitting a wall or a stop in the work, and how I work through that? I have learned several tricks to that over the course of the last twenty-five years, one is to allow it to hit you, accepting that allows you to move on often. I find that photography is helping me lots, gathering imagery outside of my own hands frees me quite often.
I really enjoyed the time, which flew by, with the students. Last week I went back to my old high school and talked with the graphics class there about the workings of an artist post high school, college and now twenty some years into one's practice. It was and has been very uplifting to be around that energy...



I like your blog!...Daniel
thanks Daniel
Tim McFarlane said…
I think that it's important for artists to talk to students about the art life post-school. It's god for them to get a glimpse of what may be out there for them out in the real world and it can be beneficial for the artist, as well.

I don't know if this is true for you, but when I've spoken with students about my experiences, I have found that it can help me feel grounded, especially if I'm dealing with studio issues that have me in my oen head too much. Yes, uplifting is a very apt word for that feeling.