the past is now part of my future...

.Me in 1967.
I've been getting up earlier and have been having these odd memories of when I was a child. As I sip my coffee in the window of the living room, I recall how I saw things approaching, what I wanted, how it would be, and now at 46, how they currently are. There are no great insights, just reflections of odd things; what my home would look like, as I saw it when I was a child, where I would be geographically, the work I'd be doing, the social, the travel. It all seems to be flooding into my head, as if I've uncorked some hidden bookshelf that just re-discovered inside my brain.
I'm finding it funny to recall how I saw things as a child, or what I'd be doing or not doing, and all of and any of the number of things one probably projects in their youth towards their future self. To date, none of it matches, just as an FYI...


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