Western Haunts - A Zealot Sun

A Zealot Sun - Western Haunts
video - Harold Hollingsworth
editing -P. O'Brien on Vimeo.


Tim McFarlane said…
Wow, nice work on the video! Good song for the visuals, also.
thanks Tim, went all around the state shooting, from the Palouse to the Ocean, love their music and they are great guys!
Debbie said…
This is absolutely beautiful and stunning. Perfect video for this wonderful song. I I keep repeating watching it. Wow, it´s simply too great.
Cheers from Germany
Wow - that is really peaceful and beautiful - does my Seattle heart good all the way across the country!
Glad you all like, nice to hear that Bethany!
Anonymous said…
Very cool!
Anonymous said…
I have loved your tilt-shift images that I've seen through the years come together in this vidi, very cool Harold ~ Gus
thank you Gus!