volunteer art moves

a collage made during the monday art sessions at UGM - 16"x16" 
volunteers out during the night feeding and clothing homeless folks on the streets of Seattle

I've been volunteering for the last few months at Union Gospel Mission and wanted to share a little about the experience.  I went out for the first time last month for a evening of feeding and clothing folks who live on the streets of my city.  Union Gospel Mission has been doing this for a long time in the city, and I've needed to up the stakes in not being so self consumed.  Buddhism 101 I suppose you could say.  I found out on the first night out that there is a art afternoon on Mondays, and that there was a need for both artists as volunteers and for some better materials. I felt I could cover both those angles very well, and it's been a benefit to my heart and my artworks.  I truly enjoy sharing what I do, and this has been so very rewarding to encounter people who need a break from their daily situation, and art is always a great way to both meditate and feel a sense of accomplishment.  I will continue doing both for some time to come, it's been just the tonic to a odd 2013, doing for others. Rewards all around.


Dennis said…
Impressive, cousin.

Your painting is getting stronger too... you're inspiring me!

Urban Soule said…
This is great Harold,
are they still looking for volunteers?
they are always up for volunteers, come join us on Mondays at 2PM