Patrick Thomas Studio Visit - Neuköln/Berlin

Patrick Thomas in his studio - Neuköln

Samples of material to be used in Patrick's studio

tilt shot of a corner in Patrick's studio

Artist Patrick Thomas had me over to his studio in Neuköln recently and it was such a treat.  His space is just a few blocks from where I was located in Berlin during my residency, so it felt immediately familiar and his aesthetic is right up my alley.  He has studios as well in Liverpool, where he's from, great accent, and another in Barcelona.  His work is both minimalist and typographically influenced, a great sense of arrangement and color use. His eye for details, both large and small are represented in all aspects of his applications, whether it was how the space felt for making work, and the work itself.  He was getting ready for his class as we sat talking.  Since October 2013 he has been a professor of kommunikationsdesign at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart. which he noted his hectic flying schedule for.  In it all, his business, eye for details, and general good charm, found myself inspired and refreshed to find a accomplice I appreciate in this field of ours.  It was a treat, thank you Patrick!