commission progress


Steven LaRose said…
I know this is a really lame question Harold, but I just noticed the interesting apparatus that is holding this painting. I wanted to make some fancy pants comment about Herbie the Love Bug being #53 and some how tying that into the 666. But then I forgot the numbers, I was looking at the painting. It was pure for a moment. It was nothing but fine art. Race car (spelled backwards is racecaR) numbers are the same as grapes and mandolins, or a reclining nude. Is it abstract? Is it representational? I wasn't even struggling.

Until I saw that paiting armature.
Where did you get that?
those painting stands are old Ikea stereo speaker stands. I can do two differing heights with them, and they are easy to move around and stack away. I like that you saw them as part of the work. I always have had a sweet spot for assemblage.
Mindy Pultman said…
How do I reach you to commission a
Piece of art?
Mindy, you can email me at