Slowly starting to work again, so thought it would be a good time to share and say thanks for all the well wishes and concern with my recent surgery.
New ideas sparking as I rested much of the last four weeks, which will slowly appear, and grounding myself more as I edited away being on Facebook, and keeping my internet time very limited. Reading Nicholas Carr's latest book, The Shallows, which explores the internet's effect on our brains. I know for me, it has been a ten year ride that has eroded parts of me and allowed parts of me to emerge that I don't like and the lack of time on it has been calming and centering.


seachor said…
Missed seeing your posts on Facebook. But, I am glad you're doing better. You are always an inspiration. Dale
seachor said…
I will miss your postings on Facebook. You've been an inspiration to me. I hope this new start for you helps. Sorry about your illness. Dale
thanks Dale, that means a lot these days!