Ballard Studio Farewell

Just finished the walk thru with the management of the building my studio was in. I've had such an amazing wealth of work come out of this space since I took it on in June 2008. I am looking forward to setting up camp in Berlin and seeing what comes from that experience. Cheers my old friend!




mixed media on canvas and wood panels - 84"x56" - 2011-12




mixed media on canvas - 48"x60" - 2011




hugs[x] - mixed media on canvas - 48"x60" - 2011

should was a band my old blanket bandmate and longtime friend Blaine shared with me early spring last year, so in keeping with music that I cherish hearing when working, I thought I would highlight a song from their record like a fire without a sound. I think Blaine's, or Stare as he is also known as, daughter turned him onto this band, well done in either case, just happy to know their music!



Design Milk

I received a wonderful write up yesterday on one of my favorite sites, Design Milk, which you are welcome to take a look at here...
Thought it could be a good time to post a few songs by bands I've enjoyed this last year, so I thought I'd start with a band I love starting paintings listening too, and who released a wonderful album this last year titled The Only She Chapters, Prefuse 73.





I just received notice a few weeks ago that I was accepted at the Takt Artist Residency in Berlin. I will be working there from January through March of 2012. It's very exciting, my first residency and in a place that in many respects, sparked my interest in painting when I was starting to make artwork seriously in college. I was given the Berlin Art catalogue from the Museum of Modern Art's show from 1987. In it I witnessed the works of Beuys, Baselitz, and Bernd Zimmer, along with Arnulf Ranier, and american artist Jonathan Borofsky. I've always held it in my heart, this place that so many did so much wonderful work. I have visited the city before and really loved the time I had in the summer of 2003. Now I get my brief moment in the coming months to do a body of work that you will get to see unfold as I post from there.




Seattle Downtown

Williamsburg Brooklyn

NYC Chelsea

some things seen recently that play into my visions here in the studio...
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the studio will be moving soon to Berlin Germany

more on that in the next posting...